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Who is SkyWire?

The top global provider of enterprise-grade technologies for the hospitality industry.

SkyWire’s cloud based solution set includes Point-of-Sale, Property Management, Spa, and Workforce Management systems; all centered on our patented mobile marketing technology. SkyWire delivers world-class, core enterprise technologies that are versatile, secure and resilient.

Helping customers of all sizes gain revenue while saving time, we are a business and marketing technology firm that specializes in tools for the hospitality industry.

With a corporate culture that nurtures its innovative R&D team, SkyWire is finding an ever growing amount of applications for their software in various industries around the world.

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SkyWire Executive Management

SkyWire Team


Key Milestones

SkyWire®, Inc. has grown rapidly since its inception. The success of the company’s products in several high profile installations has clearly validated the efficacy of SkyWire®, Inc.’s technology. Further, this success has gained recognition and opened doors with several major industry providers. These factors continue to accelerate SkyWire®, Inc.’s growth while further expanding the company’s competitive barriers. To contribute to our success, SkyWire:

  • Developed patented intellectual property software
  • Established mobile phone carrier agreements in 160+ countries
  • Added seasoned technology, software engineering & operations executives
  • Developed Board of Directors
  • Launched and quickly closed a $1M Series A Preferred round of financing
  • Awarded “Technology Start-Up Company of the Year” 2007
  • Awarded “Top 20 Most Innovative Gaming Technology Product Award” 2009
  • Established strategic alliances and key partnerships
  • Acquired forward-facing enterprise spa software and introduce SkyWire Spa
  • San Francisco State University adopts SkyWire POS for Hospitality Students to Utilize
  • Brought home a silver award in 2014: PepsiCo Beyonce SMS Campaign in the Mobile Marketing category
  • Awarded Better Business Bureau Honor Roll in 2014
  • HP and SkyWire win at the 2014 Las Vegas Digital Media Awards for POS: 1st place Best Micro Site / Landing Page and 2nd place for best web video: SkyWire POS
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